ABOUT STACY - the fashion editor

Stacy Wallace-Albert lifts fashion editing from the glossy page to animate the lives of women everywhere.

The former fashion editor for Chicago magazine leapt to a national platform as Brooks Brothers Principal Stylist after her segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show rippled into a wardrobe-cleansing revolution (which included a nationwide run on Brooks' non-iron white shirts). Stacy's events for Brooks Brothers produced not only sales increases but also repeat pilgrimages from clients attesting to new polish and composure.

Stacy has packaged her aesthetic clarity into her signature Four Points style training inspired by hundreds of hours spent editing and re-styling the treasures of women's closets. She has delivered the curriculum to over 500 sales associates at over 50 Brooks Brothers stores and distilled it into coaching sessions for corporate audiences and professional associations. Stacy has lent her expertise to CBS-Ch. 2 Chicago, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune and Home Shopping Network.